About us

Specialists in equipping the public administrations, emergency and service companies.

Dextron began to develop in May of 1981, and opened its doors in a small local of Barcelona in the street Riera Blanca 1 of September of 1981. Initially it was dedicated to the communications.

As the volume of work grew due to a diversification of products, the lack of space took us to a ship in Sant Feliu de Llobregat and a further expansion took us to our current location in Molins de Rei, where we have facilities of 1,200 m2 that allow us to give a good service to our clients.

Over the years Dextron has become a service company, acting in the market of public administrations, emergencies and service companies.

Our good functioning is based on the solution of problems when they are generated, and not in the fact of giving only one service.