Hydroalcoholic Gel

Hydroalcoholic Gel

Antiseptic hydroalcoholic hand gel. Powered with Aloe Vera, specially designed for fast and efficient hand hygiene, using the friction technique.

Quick and effective sanitation of the hands, sensibly eliminating the quantity of microorganisms present in them. 

* Does not require the use of water, soap or a towel.
* Quick application and drying.
* Refreshing effect.
* Emollient and moisturizing action that allows the skin to be kept hydrated and flexible, preventing it from drying out.
* Smoothing and dermo protective action, which gives the hands a soft and gradable touch.

It allows to clean the hands with great frequency, without the drawbacks of traditional washing.


  • Size 500 ml - Packaging of 9 units - Price: 62,10 €
  • Size 75 ml - Package of 50 units - Price: 90 €
  • The prices do not include IVA